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Alexis Morgan

Let me start off by saying I love Leif Brevik, the hero in my latest Snowberry Creek book. I confess that I fall a little bit in love with the hero in every book I write. After all, I spend a lot of time in their company over the months it takes to tell their stories. If I didn’t like them and find them attractive, I’d never be able to bring them to life on the page. Having said that, some heroes are just special, and Leif is one of them.

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Because his story is part of a series, Leif gets to play different roles as we get to know him. In A Soldier’s Heart, he was one of three soldiers serving out a deployment in Afghanistan. He and Spence are worried about Nick, who is both their friend and their sergeant. Leif used some tough love and a good right hook to help Nick. He also supported Spence when he adopted the dog that had taken a bullet while warning them of an ambush.

Book CoverIn A Time for Home, Leif again played a supporting role the story. When he decided Nick needed his help, Leif dropped everything and flew across the country even though he was in pain and could barely walk. In this book, he provided a buffer between Nick and Callie, until the pair could work through their emotions and find happiness together. He’s also provided a bit of comic relief with his well-honed sense of humor.

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In More Than a Touch, once again Leif is different things to different people. He and Nick are still closer than brothers. Leif gets to know Mitch, who grew up in Snowberry Creek and is back home rehabbing a knee injury he got playing for the NFL. The two become good friends as they start their painful journeys back toward normal. Leif also ends up being a mentor for Austin Locke, a young man who could really use a positive male role model his life.

And finally, Leif gets to play the romantic lead. Because we’ve seen him in all of these other roles, we know him for the good and honorable man that he is. It makes us root all the harder for him to find some happiness in his life. From the minute I “introduced” him to Zoe Phillips, I could see the sparks flying between them. Because of her own background as an army nurse, she sees him for who he is and understands what he’s been through. That road runs both ways, too. She needs his love and empathy every bit as much as he needs hers.

As the series continues to unfold, I promise Leif will show up again to let us all know how he’s doing. Personally, I can’t wait to see what life has in store for him and Zoe.

In truth, following favorite characters over several books is one reason I really enjoy reading connected books, whether in a trilogy or an ongoing series. I’m always rooting for secondary characters I like to get their own book. And once they do, I love it when the author checks in with them now and again to let us know how they’re doing.

How about you? Do you prefer a series to a stand alone book? Are there any characters in a series you’re enjoying that you’re hoping get his/her own story? Who do you like to show up now and again to let you know how their lives are progressing once they’ve had their own book?

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