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Book CoverSandy M’s review of Five Deaths of Roxanne Love (Beyond Series, Book 1) by Erin Quinn
Paranormal Romance published by Pocket Books 27 Aug 13

Erin Quinn became a solid, all-time favorite author of mine with her Mists of Ireland series. Every year a book in that series released, it was the No. 1 pick of my Top Favorites for that year. So you can imagine my excitement with this new book/series she’s written and is on shelves now. So if you’re in a reading slump or you’re just not sure what to pick up next, this story will deliver on every level.

First thing’s first – this book is entirely different from the Mists of Ireland books. Completely different. While I miss that haunting lilt of Irish paranormal of that series, this new one has its own feel with a cast of characters who take you to the edge of a world where those inhabitants want more than anything to break through into the human world. Roxanne Love is the key that might or might not prevent that, but getting there is full of danger, fear, and heartbreak.

Roxanne has led an interesting life so far – she’s died four times and come back to life each time. She tries to live a normal existence, but folks stare, gossip, and even threaten her and her twin brother, Reece, who has died and reincarnated right along with Roxanne. The reaper who has been assigned to take Roxanne’s soul each time she’s left this life isn’t about to let her get away again. This time he’ll take every step necessary to reap her soul. Including taking the body of a police officer who’s near the end of his rope. Once he becomes Santo the human, this reaper is nearly overwhelmed by the sensations  and emotions swamping this new body of his.

And thus begins the readers’ love affair with Santo and Roxanne as they run from the demons who are also after Roxanne and as Santo strays farther and farther from his original goal, falling headfirst into all that is Roxanne Love. Though Santo has not been totally honest with Roxanne during their ordeal of keeping demons at bay, you can’t help but love him for the way he first protects and then loves Roxanne. His priorities where she’s concerned change page by page. But it’s not just Roxanne who makes him change. When the reaper took over Santo’s body, he also took over his memories, and those rock him back on his ass as he comes into contact with those in Santo’s life. The reaper in him is not prepared for any of it, but there’s something to be said for being human and he adapts the best he can.

Meanwhile, Reece has found himself amid the danger, bringing his dark side to the fore. I like the way the twins find themselves on opposite sides of this war to keep humans and their world safe. I was so up and down with the way he’s written – I’m glad he’s on the side of good like his sister, but his solution to the whole thing broke my heart. And when the action finally comes to a head, OMG it’s a good thing Roxanne has Santo. Surviving through the locusts, the ravens, the hellhounds, and the demons, I doubt she would have survived this if he hadn’t been there.

I like the sense of family from the Loves. There’s an older brother and another sister, and it’s the oldest, Ryan, whose book is up next. Though I miss that haunting voice I’m so used to reading from Erin Quinn, I’m already into this series and can’t wait to see what she’s got in store for readers. She never disappoints, as she proves with this brand new series.

SandyMGrade: A


She cheated death….

All Roxanne Love has ever wanted is to be normal—marriage, kids, the life of June Cleaver. Because she isn’t normal. She tries to fit in but can’t conceal her ability to defy death—not from the world, not from the darkest creatures of the Beyond and not from the Reaper determined to destroy her. Now Roxanne is on the run, her only ally a compelling, dangerous detective with secrets of his own. Against her will, she’s drawn to his quiet strength and heated touch. But can she trust him with the truth?

….until she felt death’s kiss.

Incognito as guilt-ridden cop, Santo Castillo, the Reaper’s plan is simple: get close to Roxanne, uncover the secret of her immortality and cut it at the source. Yet with this borrowed body come emotions the Reaper hadn’t expected. Now nothing is clear but his conflicted desire to protect the woman he came to kill. As destiny forces them to face an enemy hell-bent on using Roxanne to wipe out all of mankind, she and Santo must choose between love….and salvation.

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