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DuckFlashThis just in…

Any Jamie and Claire fans out there?  Silly question! Of course, there are. News, news, news!

Book Cover~ I’ve been waiting since the announcement last month that Outlander will be adapted into a sixteen-part series by Starz. Really wanted to see if truly is a reality.

~ It is! Targeted air date is October of this year.

Sam Heughan~ Today it was announced that Scottish actor Sam Heughan (pronounced “Hew-en”) will play Jamie Fraser, the hero to heroine Claire Randall in the soon-to-be eight-book historical time-travel series.

~ Sam is 33, stands 6’3″ tall, and his Scottish brogue portraying one of the most-loved characters in literature will definitely make the ladies swoon. More importantly, of course, is that he’s perfect for this part and will make Jamie come to life on the screen.

~ There’s been the usual “opinion” bantering back and forth on the internet about who would be best for the part, and Diana Gabaldon, author of the series, finally weighed in on the issue on her FaceBook page. I agree with her wholeheartedly. With the magic in film and television nowadays, why would anyone be arguing about this?? Now the Claire-casting opinions will begin in earnest, I’m sure.

Sam Heughan-Jamie Fraser

~ I borrowed this pic from an Outlander FaceBook post. My vision of Sam as Jamie. A bit more auburn in the hair and magic happens!

Consider yourself flashed!