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Book CoverVeena’s review of Lord of Wicked Intentions (Lost Lords of Penbrooke, Book 3)  by Lorraine Heath
Historical Romance published by Avon 30 Sep 13

I have not read the previous two books in the series, but I find this story of love and redemption adorable. I subsequently heard from my good friend and fellow Duckie Sandy that Rafe’s book is the crown in the trilogy and she, like the other Lords of the Pembrooke readers, has been anxiously awaiting this story.

Lord Rafe Easton is the youngest of the lost Lords of Pembrooke. Abandoned in a workhouse by his brothers as they escaped from their wicked uncle, he did whatever it took to survive, using his experiences like bricks to wall off his heart and tender emotions. He is motivated only by money, mostly the making of it in the premier gambling den that he runs in London. Until he meets Evelyn Chambers, who is determined to burrow beneath all his defenses and win his heart by smashing down his walls with her love.
Upon her father’s death, Evelyn is left in the tender protection of her half brother, who is now the earl in her father’s stead. Unfortunately, he interprets his promise to care and provide for his half sister as an opportunity to replenish his coffers by selling Evelyn and her carefully preserved virginity to the highest bidder. He sets up an evening where he provides an opportunity for his select group of bidders to see the goods. Rafe Easton is only present that evening to monitor the bidding process and the behavior of the lords who attend. However, he is felled almost immediately by his attraction to the lady and uncharacteristically puts himself in the position of purchasing her for his own uses.

Evelyn, who is still wearing rose-colored glasses thinking her brother means to help her make a respectable marriage, loses all her illusions as first Rafe makes his expectations clear and then her brother reinforces them by closing her out of his house and selling all her possessions, using the money for his own nefarious purposes. Evelyn embodies the iron fist in a velvet glove as she settles into Rafe’s house and slowly starts to come to terms with her new life. Rafe wants to restore all her possessions that her brother has stolen away from her. Clearly this man who never spends money is throwing it around to buy Evenlyn’s happiness.

We meet Rafe’s brothers, though it is not clear originally who they are or, possibly since I have not read the earlier books. their place in Rafe’s life is unclear. Gradually Evelyn inadvertently begins to bring his brothers and their families closer as Rafe’s crusty exterior starts to melt in order to give Evelyn anything her heart desires.

When it seems like smooth sailing ahead, Rafe’s past catches up with him. However, Rafe is no longer alone and prey to the evil machinations of his enemies. All the people who Rafe has rescued over the years, who are employed in his home and business, come to the rescue. Rafe’s brothers, who meant to keep him safe and protected when they left him the in workhouse but ended up causing so much damage to his psyche, are determined not to fail their brother again. At the core of the rescue is Rafe’s heart, of course.

As the dam breaks and Rafe is ready to swear eternal love to Evelyn, she disappears. He doesn’t realize it, but he only needs to make peace with himself and his brothers in order to find eternal love that the poets talk about. I really enjoyed the book and am sorry that the series is at an end, but no fears, I am going back to find myself books 1 and 2 to read. A wonderful tale of families and relationships and how the road to hell really is paved with the best of intentions.

Grade: B


From New York Times bestselling historical romance author Lorraine Heath comes Lord of Wicked Intentions, the third and final chapter in the compelling Lost Lords of Pembrook trilogy.

The young, innocent victim of his uncle’s madness, Lord Rafe Easton has learned not to depend on others, much less fall in love. So when he spies the fiery Miss Evelyn Chambers, an earl’s illegitimate daughter, his intentions are anything but noble. Miserable as Rafe’s mistress, Evelyn believes that Rafe will never declare his love for her—or will he?

Emotional and romantic, Lord of Wicked Intentions is a sensual caper filled with carefully drawn characters and a plot filled with passion, intrigue, and scandal that will leave you breathless.

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