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DuckFlashThis just in…

Between Wednesday, 20th February, and Friday, 22nd February, our own Lynne Connolly‘s short story, Irresistibe You, is free at Amazon!

LynneCs icon~ From Lynne: “This was fun to write, one of those stories I got the urge to pen and couldn’t concentrate on anything else until it was done. It’s a short, around 7,000 words, and if I get the urge again, I’m calling my shorts ‘Tasters.'”

~ “I have a paranormal I want to write, too. These are stories that wouldn’t make a full-length novel, but they have concepts I want to play with, or ideas I want to try out before I turn them into something bigger. But they’re always complete and as good as I can make them.”Book Cover

~ About the book: Chef Remy Girard shouldn’t be having a hot and spicy affair with irresistible restaurant critic Elise Mason, but he can’t help himself. She titillates all his senses, including the one he’d never believed in until now: love. However, when Elise writes a bad review of his food, he can’t believe her lies. He does something that could wreck any chance he has at happiness with the woman he loves.
Elise is heartbroken, but she has to tell the truth. The food was terrible. Then firebrand Remy behaves like an ass, and she has to stand by her principles however much she loves him. Any chance at reconciliation and happiness seems hopeless, unless Remy can swallow his pride and Elise can find it in her to forgive him.

~ Read an excerpt here.

Consider yourself flashed.