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Dinca’s review of Nate (The Lawmen of Silver Creek Ranch, Book 3) by Delores Fossen
Romance published by Harlequin Intrigue 3 January 2012

More shoot’um up action and loads of adrenaline-pumping sex in this next story from Ms. Fossen. I am having a hard time wrapping my head around Darcy Burkhart as the heroine. She was the attorney for the bad guy in Dade’s book. I had already learned to dislike her. She was defending the scumbag who had Nate’s wife killed. Now Nate is falling in love with her?

Since his wife’s death, there has only been family and work in his life, with his focus on his daughter, Kimmie. When Kimmie is kidnapped, along with Darcy’s son, they set out to find the persons responsible, even if it means using themselves as bait. For their plan to succeed, they have to be in the line of fire, not only from the gunmen but their own hearts. The tension runs high for Nate when he realizes once more he could lose the one he loves.

Well, Darcy Burkhart grew on me. She is just as screwed up and complex as the rest of the characters. Her love for her son, Noah, is unconditional and her understanding and concern for others is apparent this time around. Darcy goes outside her attorney persona to help the Ryland family find some closure on their grandfather’s death. This is where I really started liking Darcy. Her feelings for Nate overpower the anxiety she feels from his brothers.

When Nate is shot and gets emotional, Darcy is not sure if he is lucid. Nate’s brother, Mason, seems to be more sure than any of the family about how Nate feels about Darcy. The one person who keeps his feelings to himself actually cracks a smile. I am looking forward to meeting the heroine who captures Mason. Since Mason’s story is the last one in the series, I better get started on Kade’s true love adventure.

Dincas iconGrade: A


On the day Lieutenant Nate Ryland’s baby daughter is kidnapped, he finds hope in the most surprising of allies: Darcy Burkhart, a woman he never thought — never wanted — to see again. But Darcy’s son has also been taken and there’s nothing that will keep them from bringing their children home.

Unfortunately, this is no ordinary adversary and even someone like Nate, who’s used to dealing with the worst of society, can’t predict the enemy’s next move. As the search continues, Nate finds himself admiring the woman he once considered his greatest opponent — and desiring her in a way he never thought possible.

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