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Veena’s review of Courting Carolina (Spellbound Falls Series, Book 3) by Janet Chapman
Paranormal Romance published by Jove 28 Aug 12

Carolina Oceanus dreams of a happily ever after married to an ordinary man, living with him in a house overlooking the ocean, with lots of babies. At the very least she wants a man who loves her for herself and not because she’s the daughter of one of the most powerful men in the universe. Well, like another princess who left her home far behind her to go out on her own, to kiss a lot of frogs in search of this perfect prince – to no avail – until one night on the run from two nasty kidnappers, she runs into Alex Mackeage’s arms. Only time will tell if he’s the one who’s going to help her unwrap the condom she’s got hidden in her jewelry roll.
Alex Mackeage is a self-professed ski bum. He spends the winter months at the ski resort his family owns, and for the past two summers he’s been helping out at his Uncle Duncan’s construction business laying roads. He’s currently holed up deep in the woods as he lays out a wilderness trail. When he finds himself with an armful of gorgeous woman who looks and acts like a princess but calls herself Jane Smith and has in her stash several sets of expertly made identity papers, he knows there’s more to this story than appears on the surface and quickly but quietly goes to work to find out all about Jane.

Before she’s ready for it, Carolina’s family catches up to her and Alex and forces her to return to her brother’s home. Shes been brought up right, so she returns to the bosom of the family, determined to do right by her father and give the suitors he’s hand picked a fair shake. The fun and games now begin as Alex swiftly but silently starts to eliminate his competition in a variety of very creative ways.

What the Oceanus bodyguard, Nicholas, doesn’t know is that Alex worked for deep-cover black ops. Only known by his code name, The Celt, he was the one who was called upon when the impossible needed to be made possible. He definitely lives up to his name and reputation as he steals into Carolina’s cottage to leave her unique, innovative courtship gifts, inspite of the magical and human barriers set up by Nicholas. Of course, what drives Nicholas even more crazy is when he steals into her parents’ bedroom to make a gift of the third kidnapper, whom no one was able to find.

The best gift Alex gives Carolina, however, is freedom to be herself and, most importantly, to believe in herself. In her usual style, the author has gifted us with the eyes to see magic in ordinary things that we take for granted. I strongly urge readers to read the letter from Lake Watch at the back of the book. This one resonated so deeply with me that I have resolved to stop and smell the roses and enjoy the beauty around me with fresh eyes. I am very glad that my friend Sandy M introduced me to this author when she sent me the first book of this series, Spellbound Falls, to review. I also read the preview of Nicholas’ story. It sounds fabulous and I can’t wait for it to be released.

Grade: B


In New York Times bestselling author Janet Chapman’s magical town of Spellbound Falls, anything can happen, even love that defies time itself…

While building a wilderness trail for a new five-star resort in Spellbound Falls, underachieving playboy Alec MacKeage rescues a beautiful woman who is being chased by kidnappers and agrees to let her hide out with him for a few days. But when those days stretch past a week, Alec finds himself fighting his attraction to the mysterious Jane Smith—despite knowing the woman isn’t who she claims to be. Then again, neither is he…

On the run from her own life, Jane is really Carolina Oceanus—and she’ll do anything to avoid the six ancient-minded men her father has brought to Maine to vie for her hand in marriage. But as the maddening competition heats up, Carolina realizes that she’ll have to come clean to Alec, the seductive loner who’s managed to capture her heart…

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