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Alpha is not all in a body type.

Cool, now that we’ve all got that down, you can buy Inside Bet and we’ll all be good, yes?

Phssh. We all know it’s not nearly that easy.

Somehow the alpha position has been conflated with the physical. An alpha male must be the biggest, the strongest, the one with the longest… *ahem* You know what I mean. We got this whole “alpha” idea from pack hierarchy, and it’s true that being the biggest helps when you’re a wolf. And let’s be clear, it sure doesn’t hurt when you’re looking for a man.

But I’m of the opinion that it can go too far. Way, way too far. We’ve all read the books with the heroes who wear XXXXL shirts and it’s sure not because they swung through the McDonald’s drive-through too many times. No, they’re huge, described as dwarfing the heroine in ways that almost infantilize her.

It’s unnecessary. A fighter pilot who comes from an old-money family is going to be pretty damn alpha all on his own. It doesn’t hurt that he’s just arrogant enough, likes the fine life, and knows how to treat a woman. Why does he have to be six-foot-seven? Well, he’s not. In Inside Bet, Captain Jon Carlisle is a bit under six foot. We never put a number on it because we’re of the opinion that not everything has to have a number. Sometimes it’s better to let the reader make her own measurement choices. (And yes, I mean that in every way you might think.)

Isn’t it better that way? I mean, one reader’s tall is another reader’s midget! I don’t know about you, but I don’t see many six-foot-plus bruisers swinging around every day—and I’ve lived and worked on military posts!

If you want to talk about alpha males, the place to start is the military. Domineering personalities are mixed with extensive training that convinces them they’re the backbone of the nation. Well, heck, they are part of the backbone of the nation and responsible for the freedom we get every day. Why wouldn’t that go to a man’s head? It does. It makes them confident, a little arrogant, and inclined to take control in desperate situations.

But you know what else? It doesn’t magically make them grow. I promise. In molding young soldiers into future leaders, Basic Training doesn’t pack six inches on their height.

They’re still alpha dogs. Just like Jon is, though he’d highly protest being called a dog of any sort.

Up next for Katie Porter, the co-writing team of Carrie Lofty and Lorelie Brown:

Now that both Double Down and Inside Bet have been released, we’re looking forward to the September 25th arrival of Hold’em, featuring wild child Leah and a surprising reunion with a fellow pilot. The final two installments of the “Vegas Top Guns” series will follow in 2013.

November brings the m/m Christmas-themed Came Upon a Midnight Clear and in January, Lead and Follow will launch the five-part “Club Devant” series of erotic multi-partner romances set in a hot New York City burlesque club.

We’d like to give away a copy of Double Down or Inside Bet (winner’s choice) in any format. Just answer: Do you prefer alpha heroes? Or mostly alpha with a side of variation? Or do you love you some sexy beta?

Thanks again to The Good, The Bad & The Unread for featuring Katie Porter and Inside Bet!