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Thank you for inviting me here today to talk about my newest release, Copy That, from Harlequin Intrigue. I have to admit the heroine survives some tough stuff in this book.

Book CoverShe is attacked:

When she looked up again, there he was. Not Garrett. He was tall and muscular but this guy, the non-Garrett, was enormous. Like size-of-a-truck enormous. He had blond hair and wore all black to match his dark frown.

Alarm bells chimed in her head. She couldn’t breathe over the clanking and dinging.

She turned to run and that fast he was on her. A strong arm wrapped around her waist, trapping her arms against her side as a hand clamped over her mouth. The oversized dial on his watch dug into her stomach as her spun her around to face the family room again and her feet went airborne.

She figures out the guy who rescued her isn’t the guy she thought he was – literally:

“There are two things you need to know.” He waited until she nodded before continuing. “First, we need to get out of here right now.”

She didn’t exactly disagree but she wanted to understand. “Don’t we need to…”

His eyebrow lifted. “What?”

“I don’t know…do something.”

“Okay then. My second point.” He held up a second finger to match the first one. “I’m not Garrett.”

She feels a little sick about what’s happening to her:

“My hands won’t stop shaking.” She turned her palms up.

He slid his hands under hers and felt her nerves jump around. When he realized his did too, and not from fear, he dropped his arms to his sides. “Adrenalin. It will pass.”

“Will the urge to throw up?”

He sure as hell hoped so. “That takes a bit more practice.”

She nearly gets blown up:

Her sneakers skidded across the sidewalk at the end of the small front yard before a surge of hot air swept underneath her body, sending it airborne. Her muscles went weightless as a clap of a terrific thunder exploded behind her.

As she flew, the air stopped as if sucked up into a vacuum then it rolled back out in a rush. Burning heat licked at her from every direction. Her skin itched, feeling all prickly and singed, but all she could see was the ground rushing up to meet her face.

And that’s all by page 20. Good thing she has hottie Border Patrol agent Jeremy Hill on her side or the next 200 hundred pages would be really tough. 🙂

[Ed. HelenKay is giving away either a digital or print copy – winner’s choice! – of Copy That. So be sure go leave her a meaningful comment or questions.]