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Book Cover C2’s review of Tangle of Need (Psy/Changling, Book 11) by Nalini Singh
Paranormal Romance published by Berkley 29 May 12

When two wounded wolves come together, will it mean happiness for them both? Or more heartbreak? In Nalini Singh’s newest Psy/Changling book, we find out.

Adria Morgan is a dominant female.  She recently ended a relationship with a less dominant wolf because the strain was too much for the relationship to survive.  The last thing she wants is to get into another relationship…she learned that lesson the hard way.

Riaz Delgado is a lone wolf – he sometimes needs to escape to the high reaches of the mountains and other places of solitude to let his wolf just be. Riaz, although SnowDancer, has been assigned to Europe for several years.  A personal issue made him decide he needed to return home and let his wolf heal – Riaz met his potential mate and she was married (and in love with her husband).  The last thing Riaz expects to find is a woman he and his wolf want to spend time with.

What follows is a dance between two wounded people trying to find a comfortable space for their hearts to live.  Neither Adria nor Riaz is sure how much of a relationship they are capable of having, given their circumstances.  But both find it hard to resist the pull of the other. It isn’t easy and it isn’t always fun, but, slowly, they begin to heal each other and Adria and Riaz both start to find a new place for themselves in the Pack.  But things never run smoothly – will they be able to change things enough to find happiness?  And will they find it together?

And this isn’t just Adria and Riaz’s book – we get updates on all the other couples from previous books, of course – this is also a continuation of Hawke and Sienna’s story.  We get to see them settling into mated life – not always an easy thing, especially considering how alpha Hawke is.  He has to learn to balance what his wolf wants with what Sienna is willing to put up with.  And Sienna is finding her new place in the pack and learning to live with an alpha.  HOT! *ahem*  Also, the situation with the Psy is rapidly coming to a boiling point…things in the PsyNet are fracturing and it is affecting everyone, not just the Psy.

The road to happiness isn’t always where you expect it and just because no one has ever done something doesn’t mean it isn’t the right thing. Watching Adria and Riaz find their own path was wrenching and painful and sweet and lovely.  What more can you ask for, faithful reader?

Oh, one more thing, there is a…not a cliffhanger, exactly…a teaser, I suppose, at the end of the book – a hint of things to come.  When I got to the end, I frantically tried to keep paging forward and there weren’t any more pages.  I might have whined to Ms. Nalini about this on Twitter.  *shifty eyes*  And she might have giggled in glee. Hmmph.  So mean!

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Grade: A+

Summary:Adria, wolf changeling and resilient soldier, has made a break with the past–one as unpredictable in love as it was in war. Now comes a new territory, and a devastating new complication: Riaz, a SnowDancer lieutenant already sworn to a desperate woman who belongs to another.

For Riaz, the primal attraction he feels for Adria is a staggering betrayal. For Adria, his dangerous lone-wolf appeal is beyond sexual. It consumes her. It terrifies her. It threatens to undermine everything she has built of her new life. But fighting their wild compulsion toward one another proves a losing battle.

Their coming together is an inferno…and a melding of two wounded souls who promise each other no commitment, no ties, no bonds. Only pleasure. Too late, they realize that they have more to lose than they ever imagined. Drawn into a cataclysmic Psy war that may alter the fate of the world itself, they must make a decision that might just break them both.

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