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Wendy the Super Librarian‘s review of Taking Her Boss (Glory Tales #1) by Alegra Verde
Contemporary erotica digital short story published by Spice Briefs 01 Apr 11

When someone asks me why I read erotica, my flippant answer is “because like it.”  All the reasons why I like it cannot truly be condensed down in a two-second sound bite, but one aspect of it?  I get off (hardy har har) on erotic stories that challenge.  Not just my own personal notions of what is sexy or “erotic,” but even those notions that are held by “polite society” – for lack of a better description.  In other words, no, it’s not all about the sex.  The sex in “good” erotica serves as a catalyst for some larger issue.

Glory James likes her job as personal assistant to ad executive Bruce Davies.  Although apparently not enough to keep from boinking a client in her office.  When Bruce catches them in the act, Glory expects to get, if not fired, reprimanded.  So imagine her surprise when Bruce confesses an attraction to her and drops the bombshell that he likes to be given orders in the bedroom.  Whatever shall they do now?

I’ll be honest and disclose that I picked up this story because I enjoy reading about dominant heroines.  I wasn’t really looking for earth-shattering depth here, just something different from the prevailing hero = Dom, heroine = submissive that seems to dominant (ha!) the genre.  The reader does have to get past the set-up of the story, but what follows is some very intriguing fallout.

Glory proceeds to enter into a relationship with Bruce, but it’s not without consequences.  Bruce seems to be able to go about his business at the office, flip the switch, and pretend nothing is going on outside.  Glory?  Yeah, not so much.

This is a dicey story, and one that I have a hard time recommending out-right to all readers of erotica.  At one point during their play-time, Glory calls Bruce a nasty slur that will very likely offend some readers.  Also, later in the story, when Glory finds herself distancing herself from the situation, Bruce comes off kind of stalker-ish.  All of this leads to a slightly uncomfortable ending, where things are still very much up in the air.  Which hopefully means more Glory Tales to follow.  Because even as uncomfortable as this story made me at times?  Yeah, I don’t want to be done yet.  This probably says nothing good about me, but you know what?  I don’t rightly care.

Wendy TSLGrade: B-


When Glory James’s boss catches her having sex with a client at the office, she expects to get reprimanded, not Bruce Davies’s revelation that he wants her, too.Even more shocking is his confession that he likes to be told what to do in bed—and that Glory is aroused by the idea…

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