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Wendy the Super Librarian‘s review of Her Fantasy by Saskia Walker
Erotic romance short story ebook published by Spice Briefs 01 Mar 11

It takes a special skill for an author to deliver a satisfying read in the length of a short story.  Not only does Saskia Walker have a healthy backlist, she’s written an impressive amount of shorter works.  So when I opened up Her Fantasy, I knew I was in the hands of a pro.  Yes, the gift box was small – but think of it as a jewelry box.

Anya Reid split from her boyfriend when she realizes that not only has the sizzle gone out of the relationship, but that she is finding herself tempted by other men.  Well, one man in particular – Warren McClure.  Never one to cheat, she takes this attraction to mean that something is definitely wrong in Denmark.  She figures even if Warren doesn’t think of her “that way,” it’s still a sign, so she’s content to be single.  But when Warren asks her out on a date?  Yeah, she doesn’t say no.  In fact, even before he broaches the subject of sexual fantasies over dinner, they’re already setting off enough sparks to power all of London.

Warren has had a crush on Anya since he first laid eyes on her at the office.  But she was involved with someone else, and Warren does not go poaching on another man’s territory.  So he’s played around, never satisfied because those women aren’t Anya, and bided his time.  Now his time is here, and he’s not about to blow it.  And if that means making Anya’s sexual fantasies come true?  So be it.

What I enjoyed about this short story is that there is an actual flesh and blood story.  It’s not just a bunch of sex scenes strung together.  I really feel like Walker shows me a world, a slice of a developing relationship, and I honestly find myself charmed by the romance.  I like Anya and Warren.  In fact, in between the hot sex and the eventual ménage a trios episode, there’s a lovely sweetness here.  I also like that after the ménage it’s not just “Oh, well, that was fun.” These two actually ::gasp:: talk about it and where their relationship is heading.

Yes, it’s a short story.  No, it’s not a full-length novel.  Yes, it’s an office romance, so readers need to get past the Danger, Danger Sexual Harassment Lawsuit warning bells.  But it’s still damn good.  In fact, it’s one of the finer Spice Briefs stories I’ve had the pleasure to read.  More, please.

Wendy TSLGrade: B+


“Which sexual fantasy is your ultimate turn-on?”

How is Anya Reid supposed to control her lust for her sexy coworker Warren McClure when he asks questions like that on their very first date? She has wanted Warren and to be more adventurous in bed for a long time, but she never expected him to be so direct…or to correctly guess that a menage is her secret desire.

Soon Warren isn’t just talking about Anya’s fantasies — he’s making them come true. But does he want a true relationship, or is he only interested in their erotic games?

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