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Book CoverSandy M’s review of A Thoroughly Compromised Lady by Bronwyn Scott
Historical Romance published by Harlequin Historical 18 Jan 11

What I always love about reading Bronwyn Scott books is that her heroes and heroines usually work together to resolve whatever conflict but still stay the course when it comes to their relationship. They have their disagreements and quibbles, but they still stay true to each other and to themselves. Such is the case with Jack and Dulcinea in A Thoroughly Compromised Lady. They stole my heart early and never once broke it.

Dulci is the toast of the season – actually, she has been for several seasons after making the decision to never marry to retain the freedom she’s got being the sister of an earl. She enjoys the witty banter and innuendo exchanged with Jack, Viscount Wainsbridge – something the ton enjoys just as much. They’ve known each other forever and Dulci’s feelings for the man have grown over the years, but his job with the Crown takes him away for unknown periods of time, usually at all the wrong times. Dulci is a fascinating woman, into history and fencing – more reasons to keep her atypical freedom.

Vowing to never marry because he knows a marriage would never last due to the frequency the King needs his services, Jack continues to do his duty while looking forward to his verbal dueling with Dulci when he’s in London. As much as he’d like more with her, his best friend, Dulci’s brother, would kill him for taking advantage. But when he’s given his next assignment, she’s right in the middle of it with South American artifacts that include a hidden forged map that could start a war between England and Venezuela. Figuring out what it all means, Dulci refuses to stay in the background where it’s safe, much to Jack’s frustration.

When the villain learns Dulci has his map, he takes no prisoners in his haste and greed to get what he wants. Jack is sly and a step ahead, so he and Dulci escape to South America to clear Jack’s name against  fraudulent accusations and to reaffirm English claim to British Guiana. It’s the adventure of a lifetime for Dulci and she takes to it like a duck to water, even despite the danger. She keeps her head when that danger does hit, and she does the same when it comes to confronting Jack with her feelings as well as his.

Even at the end Jack tries to protect Dulci, and I wanted to shake him silly! He acknowledges she’s the perfect partner for him, but he can’t get past something happening to her. He’d rather die than have that happen. It takes facing natives with their own laws to bring home how life without her would be. I like their honesty with each other, even in dire circumstances. They’re an intriguing couple, and I had fun with them and enjoyed them immensely.

As an aside, though I like the cover of this book, I’m a tad disappointed Harlequin has stepped away from the plate when in comes to Ms. Scott’s books. Her previous covers have been different and simply a lot of fun, Pickpocket Countess being my favorite. That cover tells the story before you even start reading. I think the art department could have had a bit more of a good time with Jack and Dulcinea.

I always enjoy Ms. Scott’s action and mystery as well as her characters and storylines in her books. She pulls you into the story quickly, plays on your emotions frequently, and keeps you on the edge of your seat till the end. A Thoroughly Compromised Lady is a very satisfying read.

SandyMGrade: B


When it comes to fencing, be it with words or weapons, Dulci Wycroft considers herself more than the equal of any man. Only once has she ever met her match….Jack, Viscount Wainsbridge, is all charm and quick wit in the ballroom, but his impenetrable green eyes hint at darkness underneath. His dangerous work leaves no space for love—yet Dulci’s voluptuous figure is impossibly tempting.

He’s sure it won’t take him long to discover if her sharp tongue can have other, more pleasurable, uses!

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