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Book CoverC2’s review of Storming the Castle (Fairy Tales Series, Book 1.5) by Eloisa James
Historical Romance published by Harper Collins 1 December 10

In Eloisa James’ A Kiss at Midnight we were introduced to Jonas Berwick, aka Wick, Prince Gabriel’s born-on-the-wrong-side-of-the-blanket brother. Readers were intrigued by Wick – his dry sense of humor, his unflappable demeanor – and requested his story be written. In Storming the Castle, Ms. James’ answers the request.

Our hero, Wick, has chosen to become his exiled princely brother’s majordomo, even knowing that such a choice, along with his illegitimacy, will keep him from ever marrying. He was raised and educated alongside his brother but cannot move in the same circles due to the circumstances of his birth. Since he’s entered “service,” he can only expect to find someone else in service – but it is unlikely that he would find a match there because, again, of the circumstances of his birth. Wick has accepted his lot in life until his brother marries and he sees the difference love can make. Still, he probably would have made peace with his situation. Then he met…

Our heroine, Miss Phillipa Damson, after one disastrous encounter with her betrothed in the estate’s barn, decides the only thing to do is run away from her impending marriage. When she hears there’s a sickly baby at the local castle, she knows just where to hide. Phillipa feels sure she could be of assistance since she has accompanied her uncle (a doctor) on his rounds whenever she visits him.

Upon arrival at the castle, Phillipa finds herself swept up amid a sea of panicking adults who are worried for the new little prince. He can’t eat, he can’t sleep, he cries and cries and cries…so no one else eats or sleeps and some cry at bit, as well. Phillipa immediately takes charge and convinces the household she knows just what will help the baby. The people at the castle are so at wits’ end, they listen. And soon enough the new princeling is doing slightly better.

While Phillipa is helping the baby get over his colicky tummy, she and Wick spend a great deal of time together. Even though upon her arrival she told him that her family’s circumstances had greatly gone down, no one really believed her – not the Prince, not the Princess and not Wick. So, even though there is a great deal of interest on both sides, Wick does not pursue a relationship with her because he knows she could do better than him.

Both Phillipa and Wick have to deal with the realities of their lives and decide how much they would let society dictate their happiness. And both learn a lot about what is most important to them.

Storming the Castle is a sweet, quick read. If you read A Kiss at Midnight and were intrigued by Wick or if you enjoy a spunky heroine, give Storming the Castle a try.

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Grade: B-


Not every fairy tale begins with a prince or a princess…

When Miss Philippa Damson runs away from home to Pomeroy Castle, 
she is far from a princess…she’s an extraordinary beauty with ordinary dreams — to live a quiet life as a nursemaid. 
Jonas Berwick, rakish son of a grand duke, has vowed never to wed.  
He offers Philippa everything—but his hand in marriage.
Philippa has stormed the castle, but now she faces an impossible Challenge: To win the love of a prince, she may have to risk everything that makes her a lady.

Will the sacrifice of her honor be too high a price to pay?

Read an  excerpt.

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