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Book CoverSandy M’s review of Stealing Kathryn (The Gatherers, Book 2) by Jacquelyn Frank
Paranormal Romance published by Zebra 1 May 10

The first couple chapters of this book, I thought, “Uh-oh, for the first time I’m not going to like a Jacquelyn Frank book.” I was disappointed, to say the least. And also premature in my thoughts.

I actually should have known better, because I enjoy the worlds she creates with dreams, the human mind, and her characters. The way this book starts out with the hero and his mirror and how he kidnaps Kathryn wasn’t working for me. It made Adrian seem too bizarre and the story darker than I usually like. But I’m glad I hung on.

Adrian is a keeper of treasures, beautiful items he’s collected over the years as he’s taken the negative energy from humans’ dreams that his people desperately need to survive. So when he finds Kathryn in her dreams, he’s so taken with her that he continues to go back to her when there’s no need. And then he decides to add her to his collection.

And that’s literally. He puts her in the same room, locks her in, going back to look often as he does with any of his treasures. Of course, Kathryn is not liking it one bit, though at first she feels sorry for the misshapen creature until she discovers he’s her captor. Fearing her father and sister will die of their illness before she can return home, Kathryn finally succumbs to a deep sleep after pounding her hands raw on the door that no one ever opens to release her so she can go home.

After a failed attempt by Adrian and his twin, Aerlyn, who has the opposite assignment for their people of collecting good, positive energy, to manipulate Kathryn through her dreams to believe she’s mending from an accident and will be home with her family soon, Adrian and Kathryn begin to spend more time together and he’s amazed that she’s no longer afraid of him, though his temper is still fierce but his visage is beginning to return to its former self.

Called before their governing body for his behavior, Adrian claims Kathryn is his kindra, his one true mate, the woman destined only for him. He is given a week to make the claim true, but he will never force Kathryn into such an intimate situation until she’s ready, if she ever is. But seeing himself return to normal, to the man he used to be, Adrian believes she really is his kindra, despite the doubt from all others.

Once it becomes clear what Adrian has given up for his people and when the changes in him occur because of Kathryn’s kindness and ultimate love, I couldn’t help but love this hero. The scenes between them are at times volatile and then at others the emotion just emanates from Adrian as he struggles to keep his word to Kathryn and his temper under control.

Ms. Frank is one of those authors for me who gives a reader something unique every time, and I was clearly short-sighted with this book to doubt the story and the characters so early. Adrian is that scarred hero, inside and out, that I love to read. If I had followed my first instinct to perhaps put the book down, I would never have met the true Adrian and what he’s capable of.

I’ve learned my lesson.

SandyMGrade: A+


Sandman. Angus. Morpheus. He is known by many names, except his true one, Adrian. When he departs his world, it is to enter the sacred space of sleep, and he is not there to sow sweet dreams. Adrian’s mission is to reap the dark energy of nightmares, work that has twisted his soul as well as his once-handsome face. Now, he lives only to await the day darkness finally overcomes him. . .and to collect exquisite reminders of what he’s lost. . .

But there is one treasure that stands apart. Having risked everything to obtain her, Adrian soon realizes his mistake. For Kathryn has a wholly unexpected power over him, not only for what she represents, but for what for she is: a soul with desires as strong as his own, tempered by compassion that could save Adrian from his self-made hell–or condemn them both. . .

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