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Book CoverSandy M’s review of by Dark Embers (Dragon’s Heat, Book 1) by Tessa Adams
Paranormal Erotic Romance published by NAL Trade 6 Jul 10

Well, I’ll get it out in the open first thing. I’ve wanted to read this book because the cover caught my eye. I mean, come on. What healthy female wouldn’t like this cover, for heaven’s sake? I didn’t even bother checking to see what the book was about beforehand. I had the chance to pick it up, so I did, no questions asked. Then I found out it’s dragons.

And then as I got into the story, no doubt about it, this is my kind of book. Total alpha hero, intelligent (throughout the story too!) heroine who stands up to him, different and unique storyline, great secondary characters — and DRAGONS! — I love every word.

Having the King of the Dragonstars thrust upon him after the deaths of his parents and brother, Dylan had done his best to lead his people and keep them safe. But he’s failed. At least in his mind. His sister has also just died of a mysterious illness that has struck his clan, taking so many loved ones away, and he’s determined to find a cure but so far all research as been for naught.

He’s learned of a human scientist who’s been working on a cure for lupus. She’s dedicated and she’s focused, doesn’t stop until she has her answers. So overriding his clan’s concerns about involving humans, Dylan heads for Harvard, where he won’t leave without the woman in tow. He needs her more than his ancient alma mater does.

Phoebe and her research have just gotten the axe at Harvard. No more grants to fund her studies. Now it’s up to her to find another university or corporation who will help, but it’s too late in the year, all moneys have already been earmarked. Then in walks a stranger who at first scares her silly but who then piques her curiosity and her libido.

Dylan makes Phoebe an offer she can’t refuse, and she finds herself in New Mexico, given free rein in a spectacularly equipped lab. But she knows something’s not quite right after running tests on Dylan’s people. She just can’t put her finger on what it is, and Dylan so far has evaded her questions.

Needless to say, Dylan is hesitant to tell Phoebe about him and his inner beast. He’s been hunting for eons for his mate to secure the royal bloodline of his clan, but all female shifters he’s loved and left have not been his destiny. His attraction to Phoebe is immediate and fierce, especially to his dragon, who claws and tears at Dylan to escape to get his hands on the woman.

Phoebe at first is, of course, very doubtful of Dylan’s claims, but when he shifts before her into a beautiful, strong, and lethal predator, she wonders what else otherworldly could be out there. Riding on Dylan’s back through the New Mexico night is an experience she’ll never forget once she returns home.

Geez,I could go on and on because so much happens in this book, and I haven’t even mentioned the love scenes yet. It’s hot. And then some. Very powerful and very explosive between these two. One touch and both of them are lost for the moment until sated. Ms. Adams does a great job of describing Dylan’s dragon as it tries to get to Phoebe. That dragon is the only one who figures out Phoebe is Dylan’s mate. Smart beast.

Of course, there is an enemy clan and once they’re introduced, all hell breaks loose. There’s emotion galore throughout this book, all culminating at the end when things really go wrong and Dylan finally takes matters into his owns hands for him, not his clan.

I’m very anxiously awaiting the next book in this series. All characters I’ve met so far will make fantastic heroes. If you like dragon shifters, go get this book. Now!

SandyMGrade: A+


King Dylan MacLeod is one of the last pure-bred dragon shapeshifters in existence—and ruler of a dying race, the Dragonstar clan. It falls to him to protect his people—and their ancient magic. He has one more duty: to provide an heir.

Like all dragons, Dylan can only procreate with his destined mate—for whom he’s searched for five hundred years. His dark, rampant sexual appetite has earned him quite the reputation, all in the pursuit of his one true match.

But his search is delayed when a deadly disease sweeps through the Dragonstars, and Dylan must venture to the human world to find a cure. He tracks down renowned biochemist Phoebe Quillum, never imagining the beautiful scientist will be the mate he’s been seeking for centuries. But no sooner do they meet then Phoebe and Dylan are besieged by an obsessive, overpowering sexual desire.

Their passion turns to something truer—and they know in their souls and bodies that they’re in too deep to get out. And when Phoebe is kidnapped by Dylan’s oldest enemy, he must risk everything to reclaim the only woman he’s ever loved, or his clan will be wiped out forever.

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