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Jimmy and me

Jimmy 'n' me. Photo taken by Cris Anson

So let’s get on, shall we? Where was I?

Oh yes, the lousy Internet at the Hyatt Regency. The lousy expensive Internet. I had a new release last week, Crystal Tides at Loose-Id, and so I paid for the Internet in my room ($9.95 a day) so I could upload some images and do a bit of blogging about it.

Nope. It wouldn’t let me do anything, and when I tried to ftp a few web pages (to my own website) it had a hissy fit. So hey, dudes, buy my book, because this is the only chance I have to say this until I get home.
Oh yes, and go get my free read Naughty Nooner at Ellora’s Cave. It’s called Seychelles Sunset, and hopefully your Internet is better than this one, so you can snag it with no probs.

That apart, I think this was one of the best RT’s ever. Let’s face it, although we authors work hard to promote our stuff, and to listen and meet authors, publishers, editors, agents and so on, this is one big humongous party.

It’s what you want to make it. So no, meeting and being hugged by the gorgeous Jimmy Thomas wasn’t the only highlight of my RT. Being made to feel wanted was nice, and being with people who understand that staring into space means that you’re working. Cool stuff.

RT ended with a showing of  Twilight and the other Bella ‘n’ Edward movie. I didn’t attend, because I’m not a Twilight girl. More of a Trueblood one. But you know what? Good luck to Stephanie Meyer, and for that matter, the very nice Charlaine Harris, and many more years of good fortune to them both. Where they go, the rest of us might have a chance. Slainte, ladies!

I attended a panel about seeing your stuff on the screen, and it was awesome. Basically, it’s like you think. They might give lip service to your ideas, but basically, once they’ve bought your rights, you can go and sit in a corner and attend the premiere a while later. Henry VIII would understand that one. Heard the joke about the blonde actress who tried to get to the top by sleeping with the writers? Nobody heard from her again. But getting money for something you’ve already done, rocks, and getting all those extra sales doesn’t hurt, either. And oh, yes, I want.

The vampire ball was well attended, as was the Dorchester prom party, together with the locusts descending on the piles of free books they gave away. I like the Dorchester party, especially this year. It’s always relaxed and easy, so after a week’s partying and working, it’s a good place to wind down. And dance.

So to the author signings. The Ebook Expo was on the Friday this year, and was tolerable. Someone found a free Internet connection, and this was so rare in this sink of weblessness that a ton of authors went to their rooms and picked up their laptops, so they could log on and see what the rest of the world was doing. And pick up their email. The room we signed in was a bit low-ceilinged, and anyone who felt claustrophobic was in trouble here. I had an okay signing. I’ve had better, but in my experience, people attend this one to chat to the authors and pick up information about their stuff. We get to see the benefit the week after. And oh yes, I enjoyed this one. I sat next to the awesome Tracy Cooper-Posey, who rocked the EC party on Wednesday with her equally awesome husband, Mark. Red patent leather never looked so good.

Later, I got to meet Barbara Taylor-Bradford. Lovely lady. But it was great to meet her, because she was one of my inspirations to write. I read A Woman of Substance and loved the hell out of it.

Book CoverThe Saturday signing was held in the ballroom. Just as well, because the lines at the tables of the urban fantasy authors were long and winding. It was one of my best booksignings. I signed my Samhain historicals, and wow, I nearly sold out. I know it’s supposed to be bad to do that, because of the lost sales, but the copies of Yorkshire that I had were sold out in the first hour. Tantalizing Secrets and Met By Chance did almost as well. Because the star authors this year were urban fantasy, I’d resigned myself to moderate success, but yay, it seems that people want historicals. I’ll have to carry on writing them, then!

My flight doesn’t leave until Tuesday, so I attended Sunday Social, and moderated one of the games, a memory game. That was huge fun, and my table got to win a passel of books. Just what they needed! A good way to wind down. And yes, my voice has gone. I can croak a bit, but my throat hurts like I’ve eaten emery boards and I’m so exhausted I can hardly think.

For a writer, doing the social round for five days instead of slipping into a furry dressing gown and bunny slippers, and writing is a bit of a stretch. Wearing make up every day makes you remember what it was like to make yourself presentable for work. The RT Booklovers’ Convention is a party with a purpose, and it’s what you make it. If you want to attend panels all day and none of the parties, go for it, you’ll have a great convention. If you want to go to all the fun parties, day and night, attend the Wild and Wacky, Mr. Romance and Paint The Town Red, then the convention is your oyster.
I’m already looking forward to next year.