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the-warriors-forbidden-virgin Wendy the Super Librarian‘s review of The Warrior’s Forbidden Virgin by Michelle Willingham
Historical romance short story ebook released by Harlequin Historical Undone 01 Sept 2009

Michelle Willingham is quickly becoming one of my favorite authors for the Harlequin Historical line, and with her second Undone short story, she’s one step closer to landing on my auto-buy list.  Alright, I’ll admit – it doesn’t exactly hurt her cause any that she has written one of my very favorite types of heroes in this story 😉

Sir Ademar of Dolwyth is a very handsome and skilled knight.  Unfortunately he’s not terribly outgoing with the ladies, and has trouble formulating this thoughts into speech.  Part of the reason is that he’s painfully shy, the other part being that his father branded him a dimwit from a very young age.  He’s madly in love with Lady Katherine or Ardennes, and has traveled a long way to throw his hat in the ring of potential suitors.  Too bad she’s in love with someone else.

Katherine fancies herself in love with Ewan MacEgan.  However, he’s in love with her older sister Honora.  Katherine feels betrayed, to say the least.  She’s bitter, angry, but clearly sees the truth written all over Ewan’s face.  He loves her sister, not her.  In her despair she’s wandering around the battlements in the rain when Ademar happens upon her.  He wants to comfort her, but the words won’t come.  Instead of sending him away, she asks him to stay.

What follows is Katherine realizing that her “love” for Ewan was nothing more than a crush, and her seeing Ademar for who he truly is.  A good, brave man, who would lay down his own life to protect and love her.  I’m a complete and total sucker for a shy romance hero who is unsure of his worthiness for the heroine, and on that score I fell hook, line and sinker for Ademar.  I was ready to run away with him myself before I was even past the first few pages.  Katherine took some time to grow on me, mostly because she was pining for another man, and there were moments where I felt like she was using Ademar – but ultimately she comes around and realizes what a wonderful guy he is.

This story actually runs parallel to Willingham’s upcoming full-length Harlequin Historical, Taming Her Irish Warrior, which tells the story of Ewan’s and Honora’s romance.  While I have yet to read it, this short story reads like it literally could have been dropped in the middle of that book if the author didn’t have to adhere to a word count for the HH line.  As it is, this story stands alone very well, and gives the reader a taste of what the full-length novel will be like, which will surely entice a fair number of readers.

Wendy TSLGrade: B


Sir Ademar of Dolwyth does not think beautiful Lady Katherine of Ardennes would ever consider him for her husbandespecially since she is in love with someone else! But when Katherine’s heart is broken, Ademar is there to offer her comfort…and passion. For though the Norman knight cannot tell Katherine how he feels, he can show her without using any words at all….

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