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Book CoverSandy M’s review of In His Mind (Raynes Paranormal Investigations, Book 3) by Cheryl Dragon
Contemporary Paranormal Erotic eBook short story released by Cerridwen Press 4 Feb 09

I don’t read male/male books very often, mostly because I’ve yet to find many that work for me. I tried this one because the blurb didn’t sound too bad and I’ve wanted to read Cheryl Dragon. So this was my chance. Unfortunately, this short story fell short just as so many have before it.

The biggest disappointment for me is there’s not a whole lot of emotion between these two men. Yes, there’s lust and the times they’re having sex, there’s plenty of emotion, but that’s all from the body. I didn’t read much emotion from the heart. Maybe I shouldn’t be looking for that in these books. But if the main characters begin a relationship, have sex, overcome issues, and fall in love just like a straight romance, why wouldn’t I get the same emotion in a m/m romance?

Adam and Parker have been attracted to one another ever since Parker came to work for Adam’s family’s paranormal investigations business. They’ve basically avoided each other, trying not to make things difficult for the family or the business. But on this case there isn’t any choice, all other family members are busy, so Adam accompanies Parker on a ghost hunting trip. Parker is a telepath and tries to stay out of Adam’s mind but doesn’t always succeed this night, gleaning a few tidbits from the man that he’s glad to hear. For the most part anyway.

Adam still has issues as far as his family is concerned. They have no idea about his lifestyle, especially his brothers, and he’s not sure he can tell them even now. Before these two even talk after setting up their equipment and getting ready to locate their ghost, they’re all over each other in a frenzied rush. Okay, I can see that since they’ve been wanting each other for a while and now they’re alone and it’s their chance. But it never really goes beyond that between them. They do talk about Adam finally telling his family, he’s afraid too, but maybe with Parker at his side he can do it.

In between all this they have help a gay ghost cross over so he will be with his lover who left him while they were both still alive. The paranormal part of this book is actually interesting, Parker’s telepathy and his ability to astral transport. Adam and Parker even share thoughts the closer they become, leading Parker to believe Adam is telepathic also and he should be tested. They do successfully end the case, so it’s time for them to face the music as far as Adam’s family is concerned.

That point about Adam’s family is a huge part of this story. It’s Adam’s main fear. They even come up with a plan on how to tell everyone for maximum support from his brothers. So when this story ended without that confrontation, I actually felt a little cheated. I wanted to see that confrontation and how Adam’s family did react to his news, any issues from of them, anything! Not one bit of that was included in this story. I was stunned to realize I was at the end and wouldn’t be getting that particular point after it had been dissected by Adam and then discussed by him and Parker throughout the story.

There just isn’t enough here to make me care about the characters all that much. I got the story I always want when I read erotica, but it’s the emotion that seems to be sacrificed after all is said and done.

SandyMGrade: D

Adam Rayne is in serious trouble. The new guy at work is hot and interested in him. Even worse, Parker Mullins is a telepath and can read every X-rated thought Adam has. Assigned to a case together for Rayne Paranormal Investigations, he and Parker are barely in the door when they give in. The case demands attention but so do the issues that have kept their relationship on hold. The sex makes Adam more sure of himself and ready to face any ghost with Parker’s help. But can he face his family with the truth and keep his job, family and the man he loves once this case is over?
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