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book cover Limecello’s review of Caught In the Act (Loving on the Edge Trilogy, Book 1) by Saskia Walker
Erotic Romance released by Harlequin Spice 1 Sep 08

Spice Briefs tend to be hit or miss (at least for me) – but I’m happy to say, Caught in the Act was a good purchase, and I enjoyed it a lot. Saskia Walker is an author I do look for in the Spice Line, and I’m definitely going to buy the other two Spice Briefs that are connected to this one, Strangers in the Night, and Hot on Her Tail. The trilogy is known as the Loving on the Edge series.

Chrissie Stanfield is an unexpected heroine, in that she’s a tech geek. Or, I think she’s a software developer, as well as a sexpot. In terms of romance, that’s a total anomaly. Nevertheless, what she does isn’t important. (Actually, I’m not really sure how I feel about Chrissie sexing it up in terms of her apparel at work, etc. But it works for the story.) She’s suspicious of Liam, but incredibly attracted to him. She’s stubborn, extremely controlled, and was a character I really liked.

Liam O’Neil is a hero who you have to admire. He’s something of a bad boy, and manages to get his way no matter what – even if he has to make some strategic maneuvers that border on ridiculous. Yet entertaining. (Liam recruits big brother to help get Chrissie to listen to him.) I like how far he’s willing to go to get Chrissie, and admire his tenacity. It doesn’t hurt that he’s charismatic, smart, and has a sense of humor. Liam is a great match for Chrissie. Another positive is that Liam is attracted to Chrissie from the start, and he’s the one determined to pursue her and establish a relationship, rather than waiting for her to make a move.

Recently I’ve been “realizing” how much I like heroes who are willing to take the initiative. I think this is something more prevalent in contemporary romances, and Ms. Walker does an excellent job with the budding relationship between Chrissie and Liam. They indulge at the office, and Chrissie immediately backs off. I like that Ms. Walker allowed the characters to get some space, and felt it made everything much more believable.

Caught in the Act is cute, entertaining, and very enjoyable. And of course the sexual chemistry between Chrissie and Liam is quite heated. Ms. Walker also manages to create a great set up for the other O’Neil brother’s stories, but she doesn’t make it obvious, and in no way does it detract from Chrisse and Liam’s romance. I was very entertained throughout, especially when Liam is telling Chrissie what he thinks and feels. I only wish that it was a little longer – I would have enjoyed reading more about Chrissie, Liam, and their interaction. This is something of a “feel good” story. If you like Harlequin Spice Briefs, I definitely recommend this one.

And on an unrelated note, props to Ms. Walker for having not only the book blurb on her website, but also an excerpt. Gold star! (And thank you.)

LimecelloGrade: B+

There was something about the new IT guy that rubbed Chrissie the wrong way, but she couldn’t take her eyes off him. She told herself Liam O’Neil had to be the source of the company’s security leak, and that she was observing him to get the goods on him. But gazing at his hard, sexy body all day was getting her seriously hot and bothered.
Then an after hours confrontation gave way to breathtaking seduction. But when Chrissie discovered Liam was not what he seemed, her searing desire turned to humiliation, then fury. Liam had been obsessed with the fiery little blonde from the first, and was eager for more of what they’d shared. But getting her to listen to his explanation and give him another chance was going to require seduction on a whole other level.
Read an excerpt.

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