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Touch of DarknessSandy M’s review of Touch of Darkness (Darkness Chosen, Book 2) by Christina Dodd
Contemporary Paranormal Romance published by Signet 7 Aug 07

This is another series I got behind in reading, but thank goodness there’s only four books in the series. It won’t be that hard to catch up with it. With this second book down, I’m enjoying the series so far, and it should only get more interesting considering the hero of the next book hasn’t been heard from for years and the last hero — er, heroine — uh, well, since I haven’t looked ahead I’m not sure what’s going to happen! I’m looking forward to it, though.

Besides the interesting premise of this series, I like Ms. Dodd’s alpha heroes. Of course, they have strong heroines to go right along with them, but for me I have to have a dominant alpha in books like these. Rurik is definitely alpha, stemming from a long line of bad blood in his ancestry, which his family left behind, and the fact that he and his brothers are shapeshifters. Shifters are always one of my favorite reads, thus my love of alphas.

Fueled by the prophecy his mother gave the last time the family was all together, Rurik is in Scotland on an archeological dig searching for one of four holy icons needed to save his father’s life. His research has led him to this tomb, but he also finds Tasya roaming around the site. He hasn’t seen her since she left him after their night of amazing lovemaking. He’s determined to find out why now that she’s back poking around. When the tomb is finally opened, however, the icon is not there and they must flee with what little information the find inside when the evil side of his family blows the place to bits, killing people and making it look as though Rurik and Tasya were involved.

Wanting to be on her own, keeping her secrets to herself, Tasya finally gives in and sticks with Rurik on their icon scavenger hunt. She has her own reasons for wanting the relic and has no idea Rurik is also after it and why. He keeps that bit of information to himself when he discovers Tasya’s need for revenge against his left-behind relatives. On the run they face one challenge after another while stealing a moment here and there to sate the potent lust between them. It’s when Tasya sees Rurik fall from the sky that she leaves her plans in the dust and decides to finish Rurik’s journey to save his father.

The action in this book is pretty nonstop once Rurik and Tasya are forced to keep one step ahead of the villains on their tails. There’s also a side story of Rurik’s vow to himself to never fly again after a near-fatal mishap during his Air Force stint, including never flying as his hawk self. So far this series has kept my interest and I can’t wait to get to the last two books, Into the Shadow and Into the Flame.

SandyMGrade: A+

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A thousand years ago, a brutal warrior struck a terrifying bargain. In return for the ability to change at will into a cold-hearted predator, he promised his soul, and the souls of his descendants, to the devil.
Handsome, powerful Rurik Wilder battles darkness — the darkness without, and the darkness within. For he possesses the power to transform himself into a fierce bird of prey, and that gift has caused death and destruction.
At last he is offered the chance to redeem himself and break the evil pact which has held his family in thrall for centuries. Only one woman stands in his way — flamboyant Tasya Hunnicutt, a writer determined to wreak revenge on the assassins who murdered her family. Assassins, it’s been rumored, who have powers no human should ever possess…
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