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Book CoverHolly‘s review of Runaway Bride Returns! by Christie Ridgway
Contemporary Romance released by Silhouette Special Edition 1 May 09

I’ve read several of Christie Ridgway’s full length novels and was curious about her categories as well. Although I was bothered by a few things, overall I enjoyed this just as much as the other novels I’ve read by her.

One of the best and worst things about this book is the emotional issues Owen has to deal with after one of his friends is killed during a house fire. He loses all confidence in himself as a firefighter and really has a hard time with survivors guilt. When Ridgway focused on his emotional scarring it was very compelling. Unfortunately, that aspect was glossed over quite a bit – while it was mentioned internally, it wasn’t really dealt with externally. The final resolution ended up being kind of glossed over, I think.

The other issue I think Ridgway glossed over was that of Izzy’s past. I understand she traveled a lot, but for a woman with nothing more than a few boxes and a post office box to her name, Izzy showed very little emotional scarring. I think there was potential here to really delve into some of these issues, but they weren’t really cleared up to my satisfaction.

I enjoyed the relationship aspects between Owen and Izzy, though I do wish they’d have spent more page time developing their relationship instead of of avoiding each other. Their connection was told to us more in flashbacks from their time together in Vegas than their current situation. It seems rather incongruous that they’d live together for weeks on end and yet still say, “none of your business” about key issues.

They did have strong chemistry, however, and despite my issues I was rooting for them. Owen’s gesture at the end really got me. If I look at this as a pleasurable read without much substance, I’d say it’s a winner. It lacks too much of an emotional punch to be considered a deeper story, though.

holly.jpgGrade: B

Owen Marston could never forget the passionate Vegas weekend that ended at the altar with Isabella Cavaletti. Or the way his new bride walked out on him the morning after. The footloose librarian obviously wasn’t cut out for married life. So what was she doing at the injured firefighter’s bedside?
Marrying a man she’d known for only three days in the Elvis Luvs U Wedding Chapel definitely rated up there with one of Izzy’s wilder and crazier moments. But now her “impulse” groom needed her back at his side. Except the longer she stayed with her too-arousing temporary husband, the more permanent she wanted the arrangement to be…
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