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Book CoverSandy M’s review of Lone Star Surrender by Lisa Renee Jones
Contemporary Romance published by Harlequin Blaze 1 Jan 09

Lisa Renee Jones has become another favorite author of mine over the last year.  I’ve only read a few of her category romances so far, but I’ve thoroughly enjoyed and devoured each one.

Both the hero and heroine in this book have hardened their hearts against love and marriage, but when they meet it’s instant attraction.  However, Constantine is on a mission to insure he lives through his current assignment.  That doesn’t stop the fierceness of their lust at first touch, however.  He’s the one who walks away, knowing getting caught up in a woman, one who can make his lose control, even one who will have a hand in whether he lives or dies, isn’t something he can afford at the moment.  He’s deep undercover, infiltrating a drug lord’s domain.  A bust is about to go down, so he needs to know if the Deputy District Attorney is clean or not.  Having his hands all over her within minutes of their meeting hadn’t been in his plans.

Nicole is one of the best at her job, putting criminals away for a change.  She still harbors deep regret over the mistake she made in private practice when a case in her past ended in disaster.  With a huge case just days away, she finds herself on the run from the man she’s going to prosecute, accompanied by an FBI agent who stirs something in her that’s been dormant for so long and who is her ticket to getting home alive to put their pursuer behind bars for good.

The chemistry between these two is sizzling.  Even on the run, not knowing if they’ll live or die, the physical attraction between them can’t be denied, even when they still have trust issues to deal with in the light of day. They go through hell together for several weeks, never knowing who trust.  Constantine knows he has to walk away when everything is settled, he’s not the marrying kind, his job won’t allow such happiness.  Nicole has been afraid to love for so long, but she’s willing to give it a chance with him, if he’d only stay.  I enjoyed how they worked together, both during their ordeal and in the end to give their love a chance, even when they’re not sure things will work out for them.

We’re kept in the dark along with Constantine and Nicole as to who the unknown villain is who helps keep the really evil villains a step ahead of their plans.  The action moves along quickly, the love scenes are hot, and emotions swirl out of control.  A terrific combination to keep you glued to the pages until the last word.

SandyMGrade: B+


He would break every rule she made…

Undercover agent Constantine Vega sacrificed three years of his life building up the case of a sinister drug lord. But only days before the trial threats against his life finds Constantine on the run with tantalizing federal prosecutor, Nicole Ward — a desperate journey promising both sin and sensation…

Nicole has been trying her best to follow the rules…rules that she once broke with disastrous results. But the magnetic and passionate force of Constantine Vega threatens to unleash every tempestuous feeling inside her. With so much at stake, can she trust Constantine with her body — and her life?

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