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Book CoverSandy M’s review of Hot Chocolate and Angel Kisses by T.L. Lawrence and T.D. McKinney
Inspirational Paranormal Romance eBook novella released by Devine Destinies 15 Dec 08

A friend sent me an email about this book.  I was intrigued just by the title alone, and the only other thing I knew about it was it’s not erotica, but just a simple love story that relies on emotion instead of sex.  What I got was a beautiful blend of love and faith, all just in time for our upcoming Christmas season, but also something that should stay in our hearts and minds even after the holidays are over.

Nathan is a herald, an angel of God sent to deliver His messages to humans, to record their deeds for good or ill to await Judgment Day.  But he’s been on this assignment so long that the negativity he sees and hears day after day takes it toll and he must do his recording on a limited basis each day.  The one bright spot he finds in all the shadows and darkness of the human spirit is the young lady at the bakery where Nathan goes each morning for his hot chocolate.  He doesn’t socialize in the human world much, but he loves seeing her every morning even more than he loves his chocolate.

Cassie is a young student working part time, always has smile on her face and is eager to give a helping hand if she spies someone who needs it, and her faith is strong.  She’s attracted to the handsome young man who comes in the shop each morning, but she’s just too shy to speak up to get to know him better.  But with Thanksgiving coming up and a little nudging from her boss, she takes a chance and knocks on Nathan’s door with turkey and stuffing in hand. So begins a lovely friendship that can turn into something so much more.

However, knowing he can never have a relationship with Cassie, Nathan tries to keep his growing feelings in check as he learns about this amazing woman, a woman who sees good everywhere.  When he allows himself to take one innocent liberty too many, he shuts himself away from both her and the One he serves for his reprehensible behavior, and it is Cassie who must then make Nathan hear the message she’s been asked to deliver.

This story is so uplifting, especially during this time of year.  It gives us a look at ourselves in our everyday rush, how we don’t notice one another, how we cause even the smallest, albeit unintentional, slight in that rushing, and it’s given to us from Nathan’s point of view, which is quite interesting considering his origins.  It takes the love and faith of a woman to bring home to him what he’s missing in his assignment, what a lot of us miss in just the same way.

We may not get a herald angel in our lives, but we do get those little blessings, those friendly smiles, that helping hand when needed, all angels in their own way.  This is a delightful way to be reminded of those angels, and I think I’m going to start paying more attention to them when they do come along.

SandyMGrade: B+


Herald angels aren’t allowed love for the daughters of Man.

Surrounded daily by evidence of mankind’s inhumanity, Nathan finds peace and a ray of brightness only in the purity of a barrista’s smile. Cassie’s warmth, far sweeter than the cup of hot chocolate she sells him each morning, touches even an angel’s heart. Still, they seem fated to be nothing more than customer and shop girl, until, sparked by a simple act of kindness, attraction blooms on a snowy afternoon.

One kiss frees the love in both their souls. But that kiss breaks Nathan’s covenant to guide and succor those for whom he bears a message.

One kiss proclaims their love. There can never be a second.

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