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Book CoverConnie’s Quick Quack review of A Single Thread by Marie Bostwick
Contemporary women’s fiction released by Kensington 30 Oct 08

When Evelyn Dixon’s marriage ends abruptly she is at a loss until she takes a trip to a totally new town and finds the perfect (to her) spot to open her dream quilt shop. 

All the locals think she won’t have enough business to last six months but Evelyn is determined to try. Like all best laid plans many things go wrong and the business is indeed threatened. And it happens at a time that Evelyn’s health is not good.  New friends decide to help her keep the shop going.

Liza is troubled after the death of her mother and she is thrust on her aunt and both have a hard time with that. Aunt Abigail is wealthy but her feelings are kept under strict control. Liza blames Abigail for not trying to help her mother and is determined to make the situation as unpleasant as possible.

This is a small town with some really nice people. I don’t quilt but the story is compelling enough that it doesn’t matter.  All women need to be aware of the fight against breast cancer and how to help beat it. Everyone should find a character they like and enjoy the story.

connies-icon.jpgGrade: B


Marie’s fourth book, A SINGLE THREAD, will be her first contemporary novel. The November trade paperback tells the story of a displaced Texas homemaker who moves to Connecticut and pursues her dream of opening a quilt shop. But, on the day the shop opens, the owner discovers she has breast cancer. She survives, with the loving help of her friends.

Read an excerpt.