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Book Cover Laura J’s review of Long, Slow Ride by Mardi Ballou
Contemporary Erotic Romance eBook short story released by Ellora’s Cave 14 May 08

For awhile, there were several books out by different publishers that were focusing on the older woman/younger man storyline. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to read any of them or not, but this one was written by an author whose books I’ve really come to like and thought, why not, I’ll give it a shot. Since it was a short story I wouldn’t be out of a lot time spent reading it if I didn’t like it.

Alone at her co-worker’s wedding, Lori is asked to dance by Jeff, the couple’s chauffeur for the wedding. Lori, hesitant because of the obviously younger, but very sexy Jeff finally agrees. He asks her to wait for him so that he can complete his chauffeur duties and then will take her on a ride in the limo wanting to get to know her better. Lori, agrees believing the fling with the Jeff can’t hurt anything. Jeff falls for Lori quickly and has to convince her that their age difference doesn’t matter.

I really like Ms. Ballou’s writing voice and I like the characters she created for this story. The sex scenes between Jeff and Lori were hot. The chemistry between the characters showed not only during the sex scenes but also when they were just talking and getting to know one another. This biggest disappointment in this story was when I finished reading it. I wished it would have longer, maybe novella length.

Now that I’ve read some of Ms. Ballou’s paranormal stories and a contemporary short story, I’m going to have to check out some more of her books since she’s becoming a must read author for me.

LauraJGrade: C+


The wedding reception is boring and depressing for Lori Nelson — until she gets asked to dance by the chauffeur. The twenty-something, very hot chauffeur. Lori figures Jeff’s just being polite. But that’s before he takes her in his arms and sets her libido on overdrive…

The moment Jeff meets gorgeous, classy Lori, he falls hard. But much as Lori seems to dig him, she’s hung up on their eleven-year age difference and her own personal baggage.

While Lori convinces herself that she can handle a one-night stand, Jeff is firing up his limo, prepared to take Lori for the ride of her life.

Read an excerpt here.