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beauty-contest.jpgWelcome to…

TGTBTU’S FIRST (and probably last) ANNUAL



Never let it be said that we ducks here at TGTBTU can’t laugh at everyone else ourselves.  By now, everyone has seen Sandy’s TBR pile.  Thinking of her pile, and my own, I started to wonder how many TBR piles are out there and what do they look like?

And since we nearly always have books and shit stuff to give away, I figured why not combine efforts and host a To Be Read Pile BEAUTY PAGEANT!  Eh…  Why not – at least it will keep Sybil off the streets for a while.  You know that little hooker is just looking for an excuse to get back out there. 

So, here’s how it will work:

crown.jpg1. Take a photo of your TBR pile, box, shelf, room, mountain range, and send it to redwyne @ gmail . com (minus the spaces, of course), with “TBR Contest” in the header, please.  Do this by 11pm Central next Wednesday, 10 September.  We’ll do the judging next week.

2. The ducks will pick the top three submissions and will post these on the site.

3. Then, the readers get to vote which pile is prettiest.  The winner and two runners up all get wonderful prizes, of course (books, books, and more books).  Exact prizes To Be Determined, of course – once we’ve all dug around and pulled out some primo stuff out of our respective piles.

4.  We’ll also award prizes for Honorable Mentions in categories like “Messiest,” “Biggest Fangirl/boy” (nothing but La Nora in your pile?), “Biggest Paranormal Pile,” “Made Us Laugh Hardest,” “Most Creative Costume,” “Most Congenial,” etc.

I’ll post again this weekend with the prizes. So get your cameras ready, put the tiara on the pile, maybe a boa or two, hey – even a bikini, and start snapping away!  Some free shit stuff is only a click or two away!

Here’s a few snaps to get some ideas going…

wendys-tbr.jpg I think this is Wendy The Super Librarian’s TBR pile.  Look, it’s in alphabetical order by author then title!Is that a card catalog in the background?
yet-more-books.jpg After filling her storage room, Sandy has had to outsource her TBR.
tbr pile I hear this very phallic TBR pile belongs to Limecello.  I TOLD Sybil that girl would be trouble.
even-more-books.jpg The high degree of Sci-Fi and Fantasy in this pile tells me it might be Shannon C’s.
pile-of-books.jpg And rumor has it, dear friends, this is Sybil’s guest bedroom.  You can just make out Lawson coming up for air in the back left corner, I think.

faye.jpgHave fun everyone!