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Private Arrangements  Our next cupid is Sherry Thomas – author of two upcoming books,  Private Arrangements (Bantam mass-market paperback, releasing 25 Mar 08) and Delicious (Bantam mass-market paperback, releasing 29 Jul 08) – shares with us her love affair with a “toilet brush.”  Read on if you want to know how THAT came about…

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My favorite Valentine memory has to be my first Valentine with the man who would become my husband.

We’d been seeing each other for a few months when Valentine rolled around. So we made a date for a Valentine lunch together. Yep, lunch, not dinner–we were poor students back then, he much poorer than me. When we met at the restaurant, he gave me a cute little coin purse. And then, the most astonishing thing: a flower that he’d made out of red plaid Christmas wrapping paper.

And it ain’t no origami.

Now you must understand that, other than cooking, this darling man does not make things manually. That is so not where his talents lie. He told me that one of his neighbors was aghast when she saw him leaving his apartment, the red plaid flower in hand. She insisted that he could not possible give me something that looked like a toilet brush.

We laughed and laughed about it. I adored the toilet brush flower. It’s easy to buy a flower. It’s much harder to make one. And it’s even more meaningful when tenderness.JPGthe man who did it for you is not at all given to such gestures and did it only for you.

Unfortunately, we lost track of our beloved toilet brush flower. But just remembering it still make me want to hook my fingers at my husband and say, “Come here, you.” And that is, hands down, my favorite Valentine memory.

Sherry Thomas


What about you?  Have any sappy, soapy, silly, all around wonderful Valentine stories you want to share?TGTBTU Devil Heart