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Welcome to Valenduckie Week!!

Let Sleeping Rogues Lie by Sabrina JeffriesAll week long we’ll be bringing you the best that romance has to offer – wonderfully romantic stories, memories, and book recommendations. We have enlisted the help of some of the best of the best to help us out in this love-inspired endeavor. One of these cupids is Sabrina Jeffries, author of the upcoming Let Sleeping Rogues Lie (releasing 19 Feb 08). Sabrina has lost her mind graciously agreed to host our Valenduckie progressive story, much the way E.C. Sheedy did for us last Halloween for our Spooktacular event.

So without further ado, I give you Sabrina Jeffries


SabrinaYou can blame E.C. Sheedy for this. She let Sybil talk her into the Spooktacular last year, and it was such a great success that Sybil dreamed up Valenduckie Week. Which is why I’m here. Because Sybil knows I can never resist a challenge (that Sybil is evol, I tell you).

Unfortunately, I am also supposed to be writing two books this year, a reckless pace for me. So here’s your chance to help me out. I’ll start us off, and anyone who wants to can add a paragraph (or two or three). The story will evolve from there into a glorious Valentine. Or at least a funny one, I hope. Editors across Romanceland will be begging to publish this by the time we get done (begging, I tell you).

I’ll even throw in an epigram to begin, as I do in my books.

Sabrina Jeffries


Great Lord Fabulous looked out, on the Feast of Valentine,
where the snow lay round about, deep and thick and Byzantine.

Fab, as he was known to his Eton friends, scowled. All this damned snow complicated his plans to seduce Lady Aurelia Longbottom. He’d planned to warm her up for the seduction during their drive in his phaeton, but maneuvering the vehicle on bad roads would require all his skill. So no holding hands under the blanket, no fumbling with her skirts. He wanted to tumble her, not … well … tumble her.

cupid-psyche.JPGAt the thought of Lady Aurelia landing bottom-up in the snow, he let a smile touch his lips. It didn’t quite meet his eyes, stopping halfway up the bridge of his nose. It wasn’t his seductive smile-that one he saved for Aurelia. No, it was his devilish smile, the one he used when thinking up dark mischief.

He needed a different plan of attack. Somehow he’d have to persuade Lady Aurelia to ride with him alone in a closed carriage, no small feat with the woman Society called La Prude for her prudent ways.

He felt something lick his hand, and found Raksha nuzzling his wrist. He’d acquired the tiger while spying for the Crown in Tibet. She purred as he scratched her under the chin. “You little minx. Perhaps I should use you to coax La Prude out for a ride. Aurelia likes animals. And you haven’t attacked anyone in at least a month.”

Raksha sank her teeth into the fleshy part of his hand, a little love bite, nothing to worry about. But it gave him an idea…

TGTBTU Devil HeartIn addition to a good giggle, adding your bit to our Story Cupid’s tale might net you a copy of Sabrina’s upcoming Let Sleeping Rogues Lie. WOOT!