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Salvation, Texas by Anna JeffreySandy M’s review of Salvation, Texas by Anna Jeffrey
Contemporary romantic suspense released 2 Jan 07 by Signet Eclipse

Once I got into the mind frame that this book is more romantic suspense than the cowboy romance I was expecting, I started to enjoy it, and it ended up being a very good read. It’s just that from the nice cover and the summary on the back, I was expecting more of an out-and-out romance, but the romance definitely takes a back seat to the mysterious death of the sister of the heroine, which turns out to be a good plot and a test for the hero, who is once again coming up against the man who basically owns the town and who also happens to be the father of the heroine.

I really like Rusty, even in the beginning of the book when the story was a little slow to my romance-addicted mind. He’s a stand-up kind of guy, honest and loyal to a fault, a lawman and a cowboy. He’s back in town after his teenage romance with Elena was sidelined ages ago when their fathers interfered, each with his own agenda. Because of that and other familial interference, Rusty and Elena parted ways, thinking the worst of each other. Elena never married and lives with her father in their huge house all the years Rusty’s been gone, but he’s back and things still sizzle between them. It’s almost too bad this is a romantic suspense. The fire between these two would make one sexy straight romance. Their past and the murder investigation Rusty is conducting, plus a couple of other issues, all converge to make their getting back together impossible.

There’s a few twists and turns along the way to keep you guessing, the love scenes are terrific when one comes along, there’s a couple of heartbreaking, emotional moments and a couple of heart-pounding moments. There’s even a little mystery at the end left sort of unsolved, although Rusty has an opinion about it, so it’s up to you to see if you agree with him. A solid book with very likeable characters all embroiled in crime and deceit, and some sexy cowboys thrown in for a little fun.

sandym-icon1.jpgGrade: B+

From the backcover:

Ever since he lost Elena, everything in Rusty’s life has gone wrong. Her wealthy, influential father drove him out of Salvation, away from everyone he’d ever loved. Now he’s back, elected by the people to one of the most powerful positions in the county. He isn’t about to let the woman who once cost him everything get under his skin again. Not when there’s a cold-blooded killer on the loose. And not unless he can find a way to live with her father and her millions.

Elena Ryder knew of no better man than Sheriff Rusty Joplin-despite the fact that years back, he let her controlling father run him out of town. Now, she trusts no one else to investigate her sister’s tragic death. And she won’t even consider resisting Rusty’s rugged presence if she gets a second chance…

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